About – The Shakeup Store

All ready products are shipped within a week, custom products take 20-25 days.

(Key hooks can be added on any product.)


A store where many beautiful handmade crafts eagerly wait for you to beautify your grotto as well as a mansion. The Shake Up Store is a brand that is dedicatedly harmonized in home decor items. A one time absolute solution that not only aids you to flourish joy to all the corners of your house but also gives colours to your imagination with surreal experience. We work everyday to craft a simple wooden peice into a sweet memory just to bring smile at your doorstep. Decor created with loads of love and ecstasy to bring an extra life to your home. A fine art that makes ravishing housewarming gifts too. Discover a wide range of products such as hand painted customised wooden hangings, name plates, sign boards, key holders, mug holders, vintage edition windows and many more all dipped and splashed in hues of exquisite endless patterns that seamlessly turns your normal to a bit boho and a bit cosy vibe.
Diversifying into other segments like macrame, resin pots, stationery and quirky budget friendly gifts for your loved ones.